2010-07-27 | 00:02:32

Dikt 27: Almost Dead.

When my body was close to give up, and the knife were close,
were you the one to make me see that there is another chose.
My soul gets weaker, and my skin gets white.
My eyes gets brighter and shine up the dark with a deadly light.
My body still thinks its dead becuse I almost did stab myself with the knife.
My soul is gone, becuse it thinks I passed to another life

I got no tears left to cry.
My soul as given up so why keep try?
Only my love to you makes my heart go on.
And when you vanish from me, I will be gone.

Till den jag älskar mest i hela världen.

2010-07-24 | 09:57:52

Dikt 26: A Dream

I dreamed that I was taken away from my family and friends.
I dreamed that you all forgot me when my life ends.
I dreamed I heard my parents say "We still have one more kid."
I dreamed I saw my friends act like I never lived.

If I were gone would you miss me?
If I were taken away, would you set me free?
If I were about to die, would you be here?
If I were scared, would you hunt away my fear?

What does a dream like this say if all those answeres were no?
What does a dream like this say if you all did let me go?
Atleast I know what it mean.
That if I were gone, you wouldnt miss me.

2010-07-22 | 18:58:15

Dikt 25: Till "Jeads"

Your not only a good leader, your also a good friend.

You always stay with your members, until the very end.

I am so proud to once been a part of your command.

A part of the group that so proudly under your controll stand.

I wish it didnt have to end like it did, it really broke me.

But I guess it had to be that way, so now we're all stunned but free.

Some found new places to be in, but I have not.

I am still lost, just thinking of the time I had and the time I got.

Still missing being a part of somthing good.

After we splitted up, I truely dropped the mood.

But atleast I still got you as a friend as I can talk to.

I wish the old times back, I am sure you also do.

I dont think I ever will meet a leader with your skills again, my friend.

And remember, that you still got members which follows you to the end.

Kom ihåg, jag menar alltid vad jag säger i mina dikter :)

2010-07-21 | 13:23:38

Dikt 24: Chains of Hell.

This is the last chance you get to flee.

This is the last chance you have to be free.

I wont be able to let you out of these chains if it catches you.

If it does, none will save you, you will have this desire too.

So i tell you now to run away, get away!

There is no hope for us doomed that are traped, I say.

We can not die, becuse we are stuck in death.

And we can not live becuse we lost our breath.

Please forgive me for my misstakes.

I wish I could protect you, but I am stuck in the deepest lakes.

I am stuck in chains of hell, waiting for my turn to be remade.

Waiting and waiting for everything I once been to fade.

Waiting for Hell to make me to a perfect toy made by perfect tools.

A demon myself, which beatuy everyone fools.

I so wish someone could save me, take me home once more.

I so wish I could say good bye to those I love, before I get stuck forever in this core.

But it is soon my turn to change, so I am already gone.

Gone forever, all I can do is to hope for people to remember me, and what I've done.

I know I wasnt perfect, but I did try my best.

I've done everything I could for you, so now I am in the Devils nest.

But dont waste me one wish or one tear.

Becuse, my friend, I do not Hell fear.

I came here becuse I protected and loved you, so its okey.

So save your tears and do not pray.

I am gone, and nothing will me save.

I am a ghost, forever watching the hells cave.

2010-07-20 | 21:00:04

Dikt 23: Dead Inside.

As I heard you voice behind me, you took my breath away.

You had found me atleast, I lost my words and could nothing say.

All my happiness vanished, my heart stoped and my eyes turned black.

Everything I heard got quiet, all I could hear was your voice behind my back.

I didnt move a step, everything got quiet and I didnt hear a word.

The world vanished before my feet, and your voice was all I heard.

I didnt dare turn around, afraid of what I would see.

Had you really found me, after I for so long been free?
As fast as I dared to turn around, you were gone.

I knew you had been there, and that I were done.

Done playing hide and seek, I had lost the game.

I had lost everything, all would turn out the same.

I had lost my freedom, and knew you wouldnt let me go.

I knew I had told you what I wanted, but you didnt accept the no.

I am killed, again, by you.

Why cant you just forget that it ever was we two?

I am really tierd of runing away and hide.

I am nothing anymore, dear, you killed me inside.

2010-07-19 | 06:20:35

Dikt 22: Till NumieNum

Snälla Numair, klara dig hem igen, jag vill att du ska vara stark, men snälla. Lämna mig inte...

Jag tror att du klarar det, och jag tror att du kan.
Jag tror att du är starkare än förr, och att du kan slå rädslan som inte försvann.

Jag tror på dig, och tänker på dig.
Jag tror och hoppas att saker inte upprepar sig.

Om det värsta skulle hända, så vet du att jag aldrig glömmer.
Din plats kommer alltid vara kvar, alltid vänta, även om du går in i en evig slummer.

Om döden tar dig ifrån mig, så kommer jag önska dig till himmel riket.
Om döden tar dig ifrån mig, så kommer jag önska allt till dig, från själ till liket.

Men jag tror att du klarar det, och jag tror att du kan.
Jag tror på att du är starkare än förr, och kan slå rädslan som inte försvann.

Gör mig inte besviken genom att inte komma hem.
För många kommer sakna dig, och jag är ibland dem.

Om något hände så kommer en blomma vissna i samma sekund, och aldrig slå ut.
Den skulle vissna, och dess färg försvinna till röd som blod och svart som krut.

Du vet att du är speciell, och om du försvinner ifrån mig kommer jag gråta blod av saknad.
Du vet att du skulle vara saknad och att jag skulle ge min själ för att då få dig återuppvaknad.

Tills du kommer hem kommer jag be och önska för varje sekund.
Tills du kommer hem kommer jag hoppas och tro varje stund.

Jag kommer alltid komma ihåg, och sakna dig tills jag vet du är okej.
Ingen kan ta din plats hos denna konstiga lilla tjej.

2010-07-18 | 19:40:38

Dikt 21: The End.

This is The End.
The poet you once knew is dead.
She fell into her sleep in middle of the night.
She fell into sleep, in the arms of Deaths Knight.
Oh, I wish, I wish she would live to see a tomorrow.
But she is already taken to the lands of horror.
To hell or to heaven, I dont know where she gone.
She deservs neither of them, after all the things she've done.

She felt like a whore which was raped again and again by the Dark.
She felt the thousen years of pain, by being marked by the Deaths Mark.
But what she felt back then is nothing anymore.
She will never ever again have to be treated like a whore.
She knew all along, that nothing was made to last.
She knew all along, that everything that were, would pass.

She died with a smile on her face.
She were so glad she had finished the lifes race.
She sat at her desk, watching the moon.
She knew the Death was coming to her, soon.
She wrote her last poem, as your reading now.
Maybe your fell some tears woundering how...
But I promise, she is happy in her rest.
Becuse she know, she passed the lifes test.

Maybe she wasnt perfect, maybe she did many things wrong.
She was living in pain, and lived with it for way too long.
She watched the moon, ready to give away her life.
As she fell into her sleep, she droped her bloody knife.
She finished herself, to make the world understand.
That there is nothing dangerous with the Deaths cold hand.

She was tierd at hiding, hide for her fears.
She was tierd of crying, waste so many tears.
She was tierd of seeing a such brutal world.
She was tierd of trying to tell us this in words.
It was a impossible mission she was given.
It was a impossible task, so she keep't her fail hidden.

Every poem she did was out of her heart, of what she thought and felt.
Every poem was about love her heart had so hardly melt.
She was carried away by wings blacker than the deep.
She was carried away, further than we ever are able to her seek.
But she is happy, becuse she wrote the truth even at the line of her bane.
She always wrote as it was, even if the people around her, thought she was insane.
She knew so much better than lie.
Now, she had to pay for saying the Truth by die.

2010-07-17 | 22:29:36

Dikt 20: Why Keep Going.

Why should I keep going when everything I used to do has faded away.
Why should I keep going when everyone I used to speak to has nothing more to say.
Why should I even keep live in this meaningless life I am stuck in?
Nothing will ever be as it once have been.
I keep tell myself to remember that nothing is made to last.
But everything I enjoyed so much, has faded so fast.
What can I do when my hate just grows bigger and stronger?
I dont know how I should keep my breathing up any longer.
I just feel like everything is done, done and made.
I just want to scream becuse I am missing the time that so quickly fade.

My friends feels so far away, like they never been there.
I feel like I never been having anything with me here.
I feel like everything that I ever done is a lie.
I really wish, that this pain soon ends, and that I'll die.
2010-07-13 | 20:01:36

Dikt 19: Till "Loix Moix"

I dont know what you do to always make me feel good when I am sad.
I dont know why you havn't been runing away yet, thinking I am mad.
I really wounder what makes you stay and keep be with a strange girl like me.
I really wounder what makes you stay insteed of runing away to be free.
I really wish I knew the answer to those questions, but I should not complain.
Becuse having you as a friend, makes me feel less pain.
You can always make me laugh and smile, even when I am sad.
You can always cheer me up, even if my temper is really bad.
You are really a special person, and I hope you know you are.
With friends like you, my temper never goes too far.

2010-07-13 | 19:16:30

Dikt 18: Till "MeMa"

Update till dig MeMa, specielt skriven till dig :)
"Om jag någonsin behövder en vän att gå till, skulle det vara du.
Om jag någonsin känner mig ensam, går jag till dig så du kan hinda mig från att gå itu.
I alla hårda tider du varit där för mig,
så måste du förstå att jag skulle göra allt för dig :)
Jag skulle betala vadsom helst, plågas i tusen år eller dö om du behövde det.
Gå igenom det kallaste hav, som är kallare än is, eller den varmaste vulkan, som är bedövande het.
Du har så många gånger hjälpt mig i svåra stunder,
gett mig råd då jag varit nära att gå under.
Räddat mitt brustna hjärta,
fått mig att skratta och glömma min smärta.
Jag vet inte hur du gör för att alltid veta precis vad du ska säga och göra.
Du vet när jag behöver nån att prata med och när jag inte vill att nån ska störa :)
Jag vet inte vad jag gjort för att förtjäna förtjäna en vän som du vid min sida.
Du är någon som jag skulle göra allt för rädda, dö eller lida.
Jag skulle aldrig förlåta migsjälv om jag sa något som fick vår vänskap att dö :(
För då skulle jag få börja om, från en blomma, till ett litet, litet frö.
Även så har jag sagt mycket till dig som skulle såra de flesta.
Men det verkar som om inget jag säger kan ditt tålamod testa :o
Du vet att allt jag säger ibland bara är desperat babbel.
Och du får det att kännas bättre istället för att börja ett tjabbel.
Trotts 10 år i skillnad mellan oss, känns det som du är en tviling syster. :)
En vän, förstående och tålmodig med en ängels snälla lyster :)
Kom alltid ihåg att jag är där för dig, vad du än behöver.
Och kommer alltid vara, långt efter att du tycker vår vänskap är över."
Varje ord är sant, MeMa :D Och jag hoppas att du förstår hur viktig din vänskap är för mig :)
2010-07-13 | 18:48:35

Dikt 17 till Denise Larsson.

Hela mitt liv har jag frysit av ensamhetens kyla.
Längtas fullt tittade jag mot månen och lyssnade på vargarna yla.
Önskade att få en vän, en vän som var lite som jag.
Men denna längtan tog slut en dag.
Den dag jag mötte dig, var en dag som alla andra.
En dag i skolan med massa skrikande barn som inte gör något annat än varandra klandra.
Vi träffades och pratade, med var kompis på vår sida.
Jag lyssnade bara på dig, inte de andra, de fick mig bara lida.
För första gången på allt för länge kände jag mig glad.
För första gången, var jag faktiskt glad att min familj flyttat till denna stad.
Jag kan dela allt med dig, och det vet du.
Jag litar på dig mer än någon annan för alltid från nu.

Mitt hjärta är varmare och det finns ingen mer kyla.
Jag har hittat en sann vän, du Denise, så låt vargarna ifred få yla.

Du är bäst, Denise!! <3
2010-07-13 | 16:20:29

Bunden Kvinna.

Okej, Här har jag ritat en kvinna som gråter blod....

2010-07-13 | 16:01:36

Dikt 16: A woman that got enough.

In the night i hide away from you.
All this started with a simple 'I do'.
I married you, packed my things, we started live together.
You said you would be mine, and i be yours, forever.
I loved you, and could not decline,
I couldent see, that you were about to cross the line.
A night of love, a night in heaven. But i woke up in Hell.
Its a endless story, impossible to tell.
All the pain, and the hits and kicks.
You fooled me, with all your dirty tricks.
You just push me around,
smash me in the wall, push me to the ground.
I cry, begging you to stop hit me.
But i cant anything else than blood see.
Am drowing in my own blood, cant keep fight.
Your so much stonger. You keep hit me a whole night.
When you fall asleep, i try run away, but the door is locked.
Bleeding, hurted, almost fully knocked.
Praying, screaming, i wake you up, you push me into the wall.
You drain me down to the floor, riping off it all.
Screaming, begging and crying i try push you away.
But it dosent matter, you wont stop, no matter what i say!
One night your sleeping, am so tierd of my life.
I go down in the kitchen, getting a knife.
Sneak up at your side, seeing all red.
As i lift the knife over the bed.
Then with ALL MY STRENGTH let it go.
Its over now, but I cant rest yet, no.
I jump out of the window, confused by hate.
But when i see what i done, its too late.
I fall down screaming, cursing where all this lead.
But soon i get quiet. Lying still on the ground. Am dead.

2010-07-13 | 16:00:57

Dikt 15: Cheated.

There was a time when I loved you, more than anything.
I will never forget, that night when you gave me a ring.
A ring which means 'will you be mine forever'.
I wouldent trash our love, no, i would never.
But you did, 'cuse you found someone to take my place.
She was prettier, smarter... is there anything else?
But, my darling, she dont know you like i do...
But that dosent matter, you forgot all we went thru.
I was sleeping when you left me in the night.
I was sleeping, when you putted out all my light.
My life is over, I am a dead scale.
Wasting all my money on wine and ale.
Crying myself to sleep every day.
Until I one day wont move, or nothing more say.

2010-07-13 | 16:00:14

Dikt 14: Cold, Cold Night.

I am sitting here, a cold, cold night.

All the lashes are out, nothing gives any light.

If I look up, I'll only see a a starless sky.

It is like the stars given up, and stoped to try.

My hearts feels heavy, filled with sorrow.

My only wish is the night to pass and it to be tomorrow.

My skin is white and cold like death.

I am waiting for my body to give up, taking my last breath.

I am sitting here, blinded by tears.

I want to hide away, away from all my fears.

The fears form the dark, so horrible and black.

The fears from the shadows, hiding at my back.

But if I turn around, I will nothing see...

Nothing but a mirror, staring back on me.

I am sitting here, looking at myself with pain.

All those things I've done, without getting any gain.

I worked so hard to protect those I love and care about.

Now, they aint even here by my side to let me out.

Where are my so called family and friends?

Dont they understand that my life soon ends...?

I am sitting here, feeling cold and scared.

Thinking of those who loved me, those who once cared.

The mirror looks back with eyes that burns more than fire.

I move my body closer to it, thinking it is my desire.

I look deep, deep into my own eyes, hoping to see somthing.

A sign, from an Angel or even God, Heavens King!

I am sitting here, waiting and waiting to die.

I am telling myself everything will be fine, but I know its a lie.

If someone would save me, save my life and soul.

But that wont happen, the doctors failed with their goal.

I am not sure if they really cared from the begining if I died or lived.

I bet they just cared about the money my parents gived.

I am sitting here, feeling the Deaths Hand.

Its time to leave, time to leave this land.

Time to fly, high above the skys with wings, whiter than snow!

With a white dress, so white its brighter than a cristals glow!

I am leaving my body here on earth with you.

Sooner or later, you will have this destiny too.

2010-07-13 | 15:59:40

Dikt 13: Crying

As the night falls down over the land,
am sitting here, all alone, with a pen in my hand.
Trying to remember what i told you.
Trying to finger out, if what i said, was true.
I said that i love you. That I without you, i would die.
But am not sure. Maybe it was a lie.
A tear fall down on my paper. I start to cry.
There is nothing more. Why should i keep try?
I am so lost in myself. Can someone get me out?
Feels like none can hear me... no matter how loud i shout.
Where is my friends? My family... all that once knew me.
Well... it dosent matter... there is nothing more to see.

2010-07-13 | 15:58:55

Dikt 12: Den Svarta Blomman

En svart blomma jag såg djup inne i en skog.

Som en elstöt löd chocken då jag i den tog.

Dess taggar gick igenom mitt skinn, fick mig att blöda.

Den förhäxade mig, jag tryckte den mot mitt hjärta, trots min möda.

Dess blad skar min hy, borrade sig in till mitt hjärta.

Jag avled, utan någon större smärta.

Min själ fångades i denna vackra blomma.

Där sitter den, och bara väntar på att nästa ska komma.

Skönheten den bär bedrar alla som den ser.

För varje själ blir den vackrare, men den vill bara ha mer.

Med ofattbar skönhet i glänsande svart.

Lockar den till sig själar, dag som natt.

En hjärtlös blomma med ändlös hunger.

Lockar till sig själar i endlösa nummer.

2010-07-13 | 15:58:25

Dikt 11: En Mor.

En mors lyckliga blick då hon såg sitt barn.

Hon fyller sitt barn med lögner tills det är fångat i ett nät av garn.

Barnet växer upp och förstår att allt är lögn.

Barnet slutar tro på allt sin mor en gång sjöng.

Nu i barnets huvud finns bara smärta.

Då barnet gråter med brustet hjärta.

Trots alla lögner och alla hemligheter,

ber modern barnet sluta med "dessa dumheter".

Barnet förlåter modern av kärlek.

Och modern slutar med sina lögnars lek.

Barnet öppnar ögonen och ser,

alla bilder av folk som skrattar och ler,

försvinner ner i ett djupt, mörkt hål.

Världen blir kall och vass som den starkaste nål.

Barnet ser en granne misshandla sin katt.

Men Barnet gör inget, kroppen känns för matt.

Barnet känner ingen lycka mer.

Den stänger ögonen, och inget mer ser.

Själen hans flyger upp.

Nu är han i himmeln och tittar ner på Jordens eviga kupp.

Det lilla barnet blir illamående och får svindel.

Hur kan mäniskor göra så? barnet dör än en gång i sin himmel.

2010-07-13 | 15:57:51

Dikt 10: Ended It.

You fooled me with sweet words and gave me new hope and dreams.
But as I already known a long time, everything aint always as it seems.
But I was blinded by the change, the change to heal my heart.
But I can say it, you fooled me right from the start!
Blindly I wasted my money and my time.
But they way you fooled me, ay, ay, it could be a crime.
I blindly trusted you, well, well, its my own bad.
Its not your fault i wanted love like mad.
But when you got me just where you wanted me,
I slowly began to see;
You tried lock me out of the world, and keep me in a cage.
Nice try, boy, but welcome to the new age.
All my friends, they stand by my side and help me in those times.
Help me away from you, and all your lies!
Dosent matter how many times you will try say your sorry,
My friends and I will always know the true story.
Now no matter how much i chose to not see,
My friends will always be there and set me free <3

2010-07-13 | 15:56:41

Dikt 9: Förhäxad.

Jag förhäxades av ditt falska leendé, dina vita tänder.

Jag bedövades av smeknigarna från dina perfecta händer.

Jag bedrogs av dina strålande ögon.

Jag blev blind av de söta ord du viskade in i mina öron.

En natt jag var i himmlen, jag somnade efter att dig en sista gång kysst.

Men när jag slog upp ögonen, var allting tyst.

Det tog mig en evighet innan jag förstod dig.

Förstod att du fått vad du ville ha, och nu sprang ifrån mig.

Varje berörnig, varje kyss och viskinin var falsk, ALLT VAR ETT TRICK.

Ett trick för en natts njutning, vilket du fick.

Blind av hat sökte jag upp dig för hämnd.

När jag var vid ditt hus såg jag att du ännu en kvinna tämt.

Jag gick fram till dörren och tog fram en kniv.

Du skulle dö, även om det kostade ett extra liv.

jag högg om och om igen.

Kvinnan försvann, hon sprang nog hem.

Då du var död låg jag vid din sida.

Jag ville inte längre något lida.

Nu är jag död.

Det var så denna dikt löd.

2010-07-13 | 15:55:46

Dikt 8: Girls Get Tough.

To get rewarded, you need to work, dont f** around!
Stop think you just can pull us down to the ground!
We got feelings, but we also got a will!
A will for fighting, a will you never can kill!
When we meet you, you play all nice and good,
but when you get us to follow, we end up alone in the wood!
You take what you want, then you leave us, treat us like trash!
You're playing with fire, boy, then leave us in the ash!
But i will accept this NO MORE,
Next time, Ill lead you right down into Hells Core.
I wont accept this, its far over enough!
Its time for us girls to become tough!

2010-07-13 | 15:54:32

Dikt 7: How It Is.

If you think you know my pain, then your wrong.

I been letting myself being fooled for way too long.

My heart is torn out, and my love is gone.

I will never, ever forgive myself for what I've done.

So long my life been in a mess,

by so many boys, you got the yes...

That cant be that wrong, it just cant be.

You took my heart, and it will never be set free.

You people who think you know my pain, your stupid all the way!

Abit of my life is torn out, my heart is broken, thats just the first I got to say.

Dont you understand the terrible pain I am going through?

But still I would go through it all again to be with you.

I am broken, I am dead and I am lost.

Whole my life, did a single misstake cost.

You maybe think you feel my pain, and you can say you that you know.

But you dont know a shit, your thoughts are way too low!

I AM DEAD INSIDE, thats how it is.

I will NEVER get back those parts I miss.

I am sitting here, trying to heal my wounds with lies.

But it wont make it diffrent, whole my heart and body crys.

You can think that I am crazy, you can think I am insane.

You can think whatever you want, even that I am going to my own bane.

I dont care anymore, becuse you dont understand!

You dont understand how much I would give for a second chance to his hand.

My pain is gigantic, and you will NEVER feel anything like this.

Everything when I close my eyes I can feel the cold of Death's Kiss.

Why cant you understand why I wont eat neither water or bread.

BECUSE, people, I am already dead.

2010-07-13 | 15:52:54

Dikt 6: Lonely

How much wouldn't I give to have you here?
How much wouldn't I give to make you care?
What do I need to do to make you notice me?
What do I need to do to make you see?
Please, oh dear someone, take me out of this!
No words can ever tell you how horrible this is!
I need to get out, I need to breath again!
How much pain should I give without getting any gain?
Where are you, people that once said we were friends.
You are not here, not seeing me, even thou my life maybe soon ends!
I would give it all for you, I would die for you!
Should I need to kill myself to prove that true?
I will do it, I wont regret!
Becuse I never our friendship forget.
I cant your hugs feel, or your whispers hear.
Where have you gone, now in my time of fear?
If there was anything I could do to save our friendship, I would done it.
But now I am too weak, my heart can break with just a single hit.
I protected you so many times, been there for you in your time of need.
But now when I for once need you, you left me here to bleed.
My life is gone with you, I left it to you, am a dead scale.
My life as I once had is vanishing like a sad story from a tale.
Take care of yourself, and known that I dont you blame.
I know I wasnt perfect, that sometimes I burned like any flame.
It is hard to accept it as it is, but I've done it and so will you, dont worry.
Farewell, and my friend, its too late to say you're sorry.

2010-07-13 | 15:52:10

Dikt 5: Lost You

In time so hard, you were by my side, holding my hand.
Why, Why, cant i no longer see? Why cant I be where you stand?
Why did We, that were so perfect together, slip apart?
Our love, were so beautiful. More beautiful than any art...
My heart is broken, never to be healed.
I never get, what I once needed.
I am torn apart, my love, my dear friend.
And i really think, that this is the end.
End of the pain, end of the sorrow.
End of the fear. The fear for the endless hollow.
Our friendship, our love, our trust.
It all faded away. Away with the Love's Lust.
Farewell, My Love, farewell, My Friend.
I miss you here by my side, now, in the end.

2010-07-13 | 15:51:39

Dikt 4: Mistakes.

A mistake I made. A mistake you made.
I declined the love you did trade.
We were friends, yes, but that time is gone.
Now it dosent matter, if you forgive the mistakes i done.
I know, I done many.
But it isent like you didn't do any.
You did like many as me, maybe more, maybe less.
We left eachother, left our lifes in a mess.
But it dosent matter. We have to go on, my friend.
As enemies, as friends. Dosent matter. This is our end.

2010-07-13 | 15:49:21

Dikt 3: Stand Up Girls.

We girls aint made just to amuse you boys.
You can think whatever you want, but we AINT your toys!
If you dont know how to act or how to be,
then just keep away from me!
Becuse if you piss me off, i wont be nice!
Belive me! I wont warn you twice!
If i tell you to stop, then you better do as I say,
'cuse if you dont I wont stay.
I dont like being pushed around by boys who think they own me.
It should be simple, cant you see?
Show respect or get out of my way!
'cuse I will NEVER you obey!

2010-07-13 | 15:48:05

Dikt 2: Where were you?

Where were you when I were traped in my darkest fears?
Where were you when I were crying blood insteed of tears?
Where were you when my life was in a dark shadow of Horror?
Where were you when I were eaten by a terrible hollow?

I did trust you, belived that you were there for me.
I did belive in you, trusted that you would set me free.
I waited and waited in days and nights.
But you left me, left me with no rights.

Persons who said they belived in freedom and that they were my friends,
are now sold to money, and aint here by my side now when my life ends.
I am so tierd of being killed, like over and over again by you.
All the words you told me, not a single one of them were true?

I belived in you, and needed you to save me from myself.
But you left me, just caring for your own health.
Were I a too complex girl for you to love?
Were I too diffrend from the world, like a crow and a dove?

I am like a crow, dark and without a voice.
I am like a dove, beautiful, but not allowed to make any noise.
Now I am alone, with wounds that wont ever heal.
Wounds who hurts more than you will ever feel.

To you I were nothing but a tool and a toy.
I am the girl, which heart isnt respected by any boy.
What did I do to deserv this cold ending, without anyone by my side?
Where there noone that were perfect to me, in a world so wide?

You might think I am dumb, and that am going insane.
But I am not, becuse I know I am seeing my own bane.
But how much I ever hate you, I want to say good bye.
Good bye my friend, its time for me to die.

2010-07-13 | 15:43:25

Dikt 1: Ängeln

Please, oh, dear angel, tell me why:
Why, since he left me, i only blood cry?
Why cant i move my body, its heavy as steel!
I can not move! I can nothing feel!"
The angel answere:
"You, Girl, that felt into dark when he was you kissing,
only cry blood, 'cuse you is him missing.
Why your body is heavy, and you cant drink water, neither eat bread.
He killed you, my pretty, you're dead.
- Maria B.S

2010-07-13 | 15:41:48

Då startar vi...

Okej, min kompis sa att jag skulle börja lägga in mina dikter online, så hon skapade en liten blogg åt mig... få se vad som händer nu...