2010-08-01 | 22:57:24

Dikt 28: Feel For You

This is to the love of my life :)

Not enough. Wont ever be.
I am not good enough for the man who set me free.
When I hear your voice, I feel like my body is made of ice.
Then just as I feel cold, the heat begins to rise...
and a hot shock hits me right into my heart.
The shock flames up like fire, hunting away all the dark.
I feel like my body has frozen and will be stuck in years.
I feel like my heart is burning and will dry all my old tears.
So many terrible things I've been thought...
And I would pass them all again just to be with you.
What do I have to do to deserve being somthing special in your eyes.
Until I am somthing for you, I would go thought both fire and ice.
Keep on trying. Keep on trying.
Thats all I can think, no matter how much I am crying.
I will keep work and do my job done,
Until the last breath of mine has come.
Then will I die, hopfully without pain.
If I can die in your arms, I've got my works gain.

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