2010-08-04 | 01:07:44

Dikt 29: A Glove

I am a glove, when you dont want me, you trow me away.
Then I gotta wait until you want me again, and until then here stay.
Then I wait and wait, in days and nights.
I am a glove, as you use to protect your skin in fights.
Then someone steal the glove, and put me on his hand.
Then when the fight starts, you both forget me, and I have to lie still in the sand.
The little glove lies in the sand all alone and wait for someone to care of me.
Waiting and waiting, forsome to take care of me or set me free.
If I had eyes, I would cry,
Becuse now I am trashed, no hand to keep dry.
Alone, alone, in the dark night, so cold.
A drunk man picks me up, hoping to get me sold.
He gives me to anotherman in exchange for copper.
The man put me in his dark bag, and drives away in a chopper.
The bag falls of the bike and down in the ice cold water.
So cold, so cold, in the light I can see my mother and my father.
But as I try to lift myself against them they vanish before my invisible eyes.
I lie still as I slowly, slowly turn to ice.
If I had eyes I would cry blood as tears.
But I am already dead, so there is no other fears.
Now I am drowing in water, poisond by soda, candy and bread.
Being still, I think I can say I am dead.

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