2010-08-08 | 16:13:28

Dikt 30: Till Numair: Renewed Hope.

To my beloved Numair, I love you more than my whole life...

Just a little while back, I had a knife in hand.
My joy of life were gone, ran through my fingers like sand.
My pain was so huge, more than I can say.
But then I meet you, which made me on earth stay.
The pain I felt are much less, and I can feel joy.
I never ever thought, I would meet a such special boy.
You're perfect to me, in every way I know.
I would follow you to the end of the earth, where ever you would go.
I am loving you so much, I got the strength back to live.
I am loving you so much, I could you my life give.

So many times I been fooled, so many times I cried.
So many times I been scared, so many times I stoped tried.
I been living in a cold world, which almost took me to my bane.
I been traped in darkness, for so long I almost got insane.
I've had my friends, yes, its true.
But where were they when I the darkest part of life went through?
I been living loved, but still I felt alone and on my own.
I been living normaly, but still my hatred and fear has just grown.
I never loved anyone, as I love you, before.
I never been having one person so deep in my hearts core.
I didn't care about school, and was mentally sick on everything.
I didn't care about this so call "in real life", my hatred was like a sharp sting.
The hatred to everyone and everything damaged the people who cared.
The fear to everything unknown did everyone who saw it scared.
But I didn't care, becuse it awaked somthing from my deep.
It awaked a hunger, which wanted revange seek.
Revange on everyone who made me feel like this.
But soon I got scared of myself, thats just how it is.
I tried to stay out of everything, and just live online.
I tried to act like everything was fine.
But I failed, my closest friends did see.
But I keep't hiding how badly it really was with me.
I could say a word or two and then pretend like it was good.
I could say that I felt better, that I now were in great mood.
I hid the pain I felt, and tried to look like a normal girl.
But how much I ever tried, I wasn't living in a normal girls world.

Just a little while back, I didn't care about my life.
My joy of life were gone, and I were ready to finish it with a knife.
My pain was so huge, I couldn't heal my broken heart.
But then I meet you, and I felt that I could restart.
The pain I feel are much less, and I feel I got a future to live for.
I never ever thought, I could feel this happy any more.
You're prefect to me, and I love you so much.
I would follow you yo the end of the earth, or even feel Deaths cold touch.
I am loving you so much, so much it almost hurts me.
I am loving you so much, that for first time in life, I feel free.

I love you for real, and I hope you do the same <3

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You wrote a lot of beautiful verses. I'll advise to read them to my friends.

2012-03-30 | 15:12:52
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