2010-08-15 | 12:40:14

Dikt 31: Loving You Too Much

Please, dont missunderstand this... I love you with my whole heart and soul, and I guess that is good... but sometimes, I just feel like it will be my grave.

It is nothing I can show you, neither let you touch.
Its a pure fact: I am loving you too much.

I felt love once before.
I asked myself: What do I love him for?
I could not answer, becuse I didn't know a thing.
The love hurted me, like a sharp, sharp sting.
It became too much, and it became somthing I didn't want.
I tried to hide away from it, but as I knew, I can't.

It became somthing I needed, just like air, food and light.
It became somthing warming, just what I needed in the cold night.
But just as I got warm, I got this feeling that someone is watching me.
Like eyes were following me everywhere, but didn't let me see.
I tried to hide, but I couldn't so I became insane.
I wanted to finish it, so it almost took me to my bane.

Then I meet you, and felt this "love" once more.
I got so angry at myself, I dont want to live in this cold core.
But this was so different, the feeling became so strong.
I loved you so much, I couldn't stand it for long.
It was a wounderful feeling, I didn't feel those eyes.
But I hated myself with a hatred colder than ice.

I trusted you, left my heart to you.
It felt like I dropped all the pain I ever been through.
"That is bad, I am losing my experience!" I heard a voice say.
All those feelings came in the way for me, I just wanted to put them away.
"This is bad. Everything will fade." said the voice.
But I loved you so much, I didn´t have a choice.

This feeling will be my end, becuse I would do anything for you.
Stop a bullet, offer my soul, anything to help you through.
I would offer my soul and my body just to keep you protected.
It is the truth, your love wasn't rejected.
I love you so much, I would stay by your side till the end.
I love you so much, I would stay in your arms till I am dead.

It is nothing I can show you, neither let you touch.
Its a pure fact: I am loving you too much.

I love you more than anything, Numair.

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Fiiiint :o)

2010-09-27 | 13:18:24
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You wrote a lot of beautiful verses. I hope that you will keep going do this too.

2012-03-30 | 15:11:32
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