2010-07-13 | 15:57:51

Dikt 10: Ended It.

You fooled me with sweet words and gave me new hope and dreams.
But as I already known a long time, everything aint always as it seems.
But I was blinded by the change, the change to heal my heart.
But I can say it, you fooled me right from the start!
Blindly I wasted my money and my time.
But they way you fooled me, ay, ay, it could be a crime.
I blindly trusted you, well, well, its my own bad.
Its not your fault i wanted love like mad.
But when you got me just where you wanted me,
I slowly began to see;
You tried lock me out of the world, and keep me in a cage.
Nice try, boy, but welcome to the new age.
All my friends, they stand by my side and help me in those times.
Help me away from you, and all your lies!
Dosent matter how many times you will try say your sorry,
My friends and I will always know the true story.
Now no matter how much i chose to not see,
My friends will always be there and set me free <3

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