2010-07-13 | 16:00:14

Dikt 14: Cold, Cold Night.

I am sitting here, a cold, cold night.

All the lashes are out, nothing gives any light.

If I look up, I'll only see a a starless sky.

It is like the stars given up, and stoped to try.

My hearts feels heavy, filled with sorrow.

My only wish is the night to pass and it to be tomorrow.

My skin is white and cold like death.

I am waiting for my body to give up, taking my last breath.

I am sitting here, blinded by tears.

I want to hide away, away from all my fears.

The fears form the dark, so horrible and black.

The fears from the shadows, hiding at my back.

But if I turn around, I will nothing see...

Nothing but a mirror, staring back on me.

I am sitting here, looking at myself with pain.

All those things I've done, without getting any gain.

I worked so hard to protect those I love and care about.

Now, they aint even here by my side to let me out.

Where are my so called family and friends?

Dont they understand that my life soon ends...?

I am sitting here, feeling cold and scared.

Thinking of those who loved me, those who once cared.

The mirror looks back with eyes that burns more than fire.

I move my body closer to it, thinking it is my desire.

I look deep, deep into my own eyes, hoping to see somthing.

A sign, from an Angel or even God, Heavens King!

I am sitting here, waiting and waiting to die.

I am telling myself everything will be fine, but I know its a lie.

If someone would save me, save my life and soul.

But that wont happen, the doctors failed with their goal.

I am not sure if they really cared from the begining if I died or lived.

I bet they just cared about the money my parents gived.

I am sitting here, feeling the Deaths Hand.

Its time to leave, time to leave this land.

Time to fly, high above the skys with wings, whiter than snow!

With a white dress, so white its brighter than a cristals glow!

I am leaving my body here on earth with you.

Sooner or later, you will have this destiny too.

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