2010-07-13 | 16:00:57

Dikt 15: Cheated.

There was a time when I loved you, more than anything.
I will never forget, that night when you gave me a ring.
A ring which means 'will you be mine forever'.
I wouldent trash our love, no, i would never.
But you did, 'cuse you found someone to take my place.
She was prettier, smarter... is there anything else?
But, my darling, she dont know you like i do...
But that dosent matter, you forgot all we went thru.
I was sleeping when you left me in the night.
I was sleeping, when you putted out all my light.
My life is over, I am a dead scale.
Wasting all my money on wine and ale.
Crying myself to sleep every day.
Until I one day wont move, or nothing more say.

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