2010-07-13 | 16:01:36

Dikt 16: A woman that got enough.

In the night i hide away from you.
All this started with a simple 'I do'.
I married you, packed my things, we started live together.
You said you would be mine, and i be yours, forever.
I loved you, and could not decline,
I couldent see, that you were about to cross the line.
A night of love, a night in heaven. But i woke up in Hell.
Its a endless story, impossible to tell.
All the pain, and the hits and kicks.
You fooled me, with all your dirty tricks.
You just push me around,
smash me in the wall, push me to the ground.
I cry, begging you to stop hit me.
But i cant anything else than blood see.
Am drowing in my own blood, cant keep fight.
Your so much stonger. You keep hit me a whole night.
When you fall asleep, i try run away, but the door is locked.
Bleeding, hurted, almost fully knocked.
Praying, screaming, i wake you up, you push me into the wall.
You drain me down to the floor, riping off it all.
Screaming, begging and crying i try push you away.
But it dosent matter, you wont stop, no matter what i say!
One night your sleeping, am so tierd of my life.
I go down in the kitchen, getting a knife.
Sneak up at your side, seeing all red.
As i lift the knife over the bed.
Then with ALL MY STRENGTH let it go.
Its over now, but I cant rest yet, no.
I jump out of the window, confused by hate.
But when i see what i done, its too late.
I fall down screaming, cursing where all this lead.
But soon i get quiet. Lying still on the ground. Am dead.

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