2010-07-13 | 20:01:36

Dikt 19: Till "Loix Moix"

I dont know what you do to always make me feel good when I am sad.
I dont know why you havn't been runing away yet, thinking I am mad.
I really wounder what makes you stay and keep be with a strange girl like me.
I really wounder what makes you stay insteed of runing away to be free.
I really wish I knew the answer to those questions, but I should not complain.
Becuse having you as a friend, makes me feel less pain.
You can always make me laugh and smile, even when I am sad.
You can always cheer me up, even if my temper is really bad.
You are really a special person, and I hope you know you are.
With friends like you, my temper never goes too far.

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