2010-07-13 | 15:48:05

Dikt 2: Where were you?

Where were you when I were traped in my darkest fears?
Where were you when I were crying blood insteed of tears?
Where were you when my life was in a dark shadow of Horror?
Where were you when I were eaten by a terrible hollow?

I did trust you, belived that you were there for me.
I did belive in you, trusted that you would set me free.
I waited and waited in days and nights.
But you left me, left me with no rights.

Persons who said they belived in freedom and that they were my friends,
are now sold to money, and aint here by my side now when my life ends.
I am so tierd of being killed, like over and over again by you.
All the words you told me, not a single one of them were true?

I belived in you, and needed you to save me from myself.
But you left me, just caring for your own health.
Were I a too complex girl for you to love?
Were I too diffrend from the world, like a crow and a dove?

I am like a crow, dark and without a voice.
I am like a dove, beautiful, but not allowed to make any noise.
Now I am alone, with wounds that wont ever heal.
Wounds who hurts more than you will ever feel.

To you I were nothing but a tool and a toy.
I am the girl, which heart isnt respected by any boy.
What did I do to deserv this cold ending, without anyone by my side?
Where there noone that were perfect to me, in a world so wide?

You might think I am dumb, and that am going insane.
But I am not, becuse I know I am seeing my own bane.
But how much I ever hate you, I want to say good bye.
Good bye my friend, its time for me to die.

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