2010-07-17 | 22:29:36

Dikt 20: Why Keep Going.

Why should I keep going when everything I used to do has faded away.
Why should I keep going when everyone I used to speak to has nothing more to say.
Why should I even keep live in this meaningless life I am stuck in?
Nothing will ever be as it once have been.
I keep tell myself to remember that nothing is made to last.
But everything I enjoyed so much, has faded so fast.
What can I do when my hate just grows bigger and stronger?
I dont know how I should keep my breathing up any longer.
I just feel like everything is done, done and made.
I just want to scream becuse I am missing the time that so quickly fade.

My friends feels so far away, like they never been there.
I feel like I never been having anything with me here.
I feel like everything that I ever done is a lie.
I really wish, that this pain soon ends, and that I'll die.
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