2010-07-18 | 19:40:38

Dikt 21: The End.

This is The End.
The poet you once knew is dead.
She fell into her sleep in middle of the night.
She fell into sleep, in the arms of Deaths Knight.
Oh, I wish, I wish she would live to see a tomorrow.
But she is already taken to the lands of horror.
To hell or to heaven, I dont know where she gone.
She deservs neither of them, after all the things she've done.

She felt like a whore which was raped again and again by the Dark.
She felt the thousen years of pain, by being marked by the Deaths Mark.
But what she felt back then is nothing anymore.
She will never ever again have to be treated like a whore.
She knew all along, that nothing was made to last.
She knew all along, that everything that were, would pass.

She died with a smile on her face.
She were so glad she had finished the lifes race.
She sat at her desk, watching the moon.
She knew the Death was coming to her, soon.
She wrote her last poem, as your reading now.
Maybe your fell some tears woundering how...
But I promise, she is happy in her rest.
Becuse she know, she passed the lifes test.

Maybe she wasnt perfect, maybe she did many things wrong.
She was living in pain, and lived with it for way too long.
She watched the moon, ready to give away her life.
As she fell into her sleep, she droped her bloody knife.
She finished herself, to make the world understand.
That there is nothing dangerous with the Deaths cold hand.

She was tierd at hiding, hide for her fears.
She was tierd of crying, waste so many tears.
She was tierd of seeing a such brutal world.
She was tierd of trying to tell us this in words.
It was a impossible mission she was given.
It was a impossible task, so she keep't her fail hidden.

Every poem she did was out of her heart, of what she thought and felt.
Every poem was about love her heart had so hardly melt.
She was carried away by wings blacker than the deep.
She was carried away, further than we ever are able to her seek.
But she is happy, becuse she wrote the truth even at the line of her bane.
She always wrote as it was, even if the people around her, thought she was insane.
She knew so much better than lie.
Now, she had to pay for saying the Truth by die.

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