2010-07-20 | 21:00:04

Dikt 23: Dead Inside.

As I heard you voice behind me, you took my breath away.

You had found me atleast, I lost my words and could nothing say.

All my happiness vanished, my heart stoped and my eyes turned black.

Everything I heard got quiet, all I could hear was your voice behind my back.

I didnt move a step, everything got quiet and I didnt hear a word.

The world vanished before my feet, and your voice was all I heard.

I didnt dare turn around, afraid of what I would see.

Had you really found me, after I for so long been free?
As fast as I dared to turn around, you were gone.

I knew you had been there, and that I were done.

Done playing hide and seek, I had lost the game.

I had lost everything, all would turn out the same.

I had lost my freedom, and knew you wouldnt let me go.

I knew I had told you what I wanted, but you didnt accept the no.

I am killed, again, by you.

Why cant you just forget that it ever was we two?

I am really tierd of runing away and hide.

I am nothing anymore, dear, you killed me inside.

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