2010-07-21 | 13:23:38

Dikt 24: Chains of Hell.

This is the last chance you get to flee.

This is the last chance you have to be free.

I wont be able to let you out of these chains if it catches you.

If it does, none will save you, you will have this desire too.

So i tell you now to run away, get away!

There is no hope for us doomed that are traped, I say.

We can not die, becuse we are stuck in death.

And we can not live becuse we lost our breath.

Please forgive me for my misstakes.

I wish I could protect you, but I am stuck in the deepest lakes.

I am stuck in chains of hell, waiting for my turn to be remade.

Waiting and waiting for everything I once been to fade.

Waiting for Hell to make me to a perfect toy made by perfect tools.

A demon myself, which beatuy everyone fools.

I so wish someone could save me, take me home once more.

I so wish I could say good bye to those I love, before I get stuck forever in this core.

But it is soon my turn to change, so I am already gone.

Gone forever, all I can do is to hope for people to remember me, and what I've done.

I know I wasnt perfect, but I did try my best.

I've done everything I could for you, so now I am in the Devils nest.

But dont waste me one wish or one tear.

Becuse, my friend, I do not Hell fear.

I came here becuse I protected and loved you, so its okey.

So save your tears and do not pray.

I am gone, and nothing will me save.

I am a ghost, forever watching the hells cave.

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