2010-07-22 | 18:58:15

Dikt 25: Till "Jeads"

Your not only a good leader, your also a good friend.

You always stay with your members, until the very end.

I am so proud to once been a part of your command.

A part of the group that so proudly under your controll stand.

I wish it didnt have to end like it did, it really broke me.

But I guess it had to be that way, so now we're all stunned but free.

Some found new places to be in, but I have not.

I am still lost, just thinking of the time I had and the time I got.

Still missing being a part of somthing good.

After we splitted up, I truely dropped the mood.

But atleast I still got you as a friend as I can talk to.

I wish the old times back, I am sure you also do.

I dont think I ever will meet a leader with your skills again, my friend.

And remember, that you still got members which follows you to the end.

Kom ihåg, jag menar alltid vad jag säger i mina dikter :)

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Jeads iz back! :D

2010-07-28 | 00:52:21

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