2010-07-13 | 15:52:10

Dikt 5: Lost You

In time so hard, you were by my side, holding my hand.
Why, Why, cant i no longer see? Why cant I be where you stand?
Why did We, that were so perfect together, slip apart?
Our love, were so beautiful. More beautiful than any art...
My heart is broken, never to be healed.
I never get, what I once needed.
I am torn apart, my love, my dear friend.
And i really think, that this is the end.
End of the pain, end of the sorrow.
End of the fear. The fear for the endless hollow.
Our friendship, our love, our trust.
It all faded away. Away with the Love's Lust.
Farewell, My Love, farewell, My Friend.
I miss you here by my side, now, in the end.

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