2010-07-13 | 15:52:54

Dikt 6: Lonely

How much wouldn't I give to have you here?
How much wouldn't I give to make you care?
What do I need to do to make you notice me?
What do I need to do to make you see?
Please, oh dear someone, take me out of this!
No words can ever tell you how horrible this is!
I need to get out, I need to breath again!
How much pain should I give without getting any gain?
Where are you, people that once said we were friends.
You are not here, not seeing me, even thou my life maybe soon ends!
I would give it all for you, I would die for you!
Should I need to kill myself to prove that true?
I will do it, I wont regret!
Becuse I never our friendship forget.
I cant your hugs feel, or your whispers hear.
Where have you gone, now in my time of fear?
If there was anything I could do to save our friendship, I would done it.
But now I am too weak, my heart can break with just a single hit.
I protected you so many times, been there for you in your time of need.
But now when I for once need you, you left me here to bleed.
My life is gone with you, I left it to you, am a dead scale.
My life as I once had is vanishing like a sad story from a tale.
Take care of yourself, and known that I dont you blame.
I know I wasnt perfect, that sometimes I burned like any flame.
It is hard to accept it as it is, but I've done it and so will you, dont worry.
Farewell, and my friend, its too late to say you're sorry.

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