2010-07-13 | 15:54:32

Dikt 7: How It Is.

If you think you know my pain, then your wrong.

I been letting myself being fooled for way too long.

My heart is torn out, and my love is gone.

I will never, ever forgive myself for what I've done.

So long my life been in a mess,

by so many boys, you got the yes...

That cant be that wrong, it just cant be.

You took my heart, and it will never be set free.

You people who think you know my pain, your stupid all the way!

Abit of my life is torn out, my heart is broken, thats just the first I got to say.

Dont you understand the terrible pain I am going through?

But still I would go through it all again to be with you.

I am broken, I am dead and I am lost.

Whole my life, did a single misstake cost.

You maybe think you feel my pain, and you can say you that you know.

But you dont know a shit, your thoughts are way too low!

I AM DEAD INSIDE, thats how it is.

I will NEVER get back those parts I miss.

I am sitting here, trying to heal my wounds with lies.

But it wont make it diffrent, whole my heart and body crys.

You can think that I am crazy, you can think I am insane.

You can think whatever you want, even that I am going to my own bane.

I dont care anymore, becuse you dont understand!

You dont understand how much I would give for a second chance to his hand.

My pain is gigantic, and you will NEVER feel anything like this.

Everything when I close my eyes I can feel the cold of Death's Kiss.

Why cant you understand why I wont eat neither water or bread.

BECUSE, people, I am already dead.

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